The following American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA) E-Contracts:  Recreational Bareboat Charter Agreement, Vessel Services Agreement, and U.S. Flag – Uninspected Passenger Vessel Agreement, are made available by AYCA for electronic use only by established, industry-recognized, and reputable Yacht Charter Brokers. Please note that access to the AYCA E-Contract subscription is prohibited for travel agents, concierge service companies, Captains, and Crews currently serving on charter yachts. Once access has been granted, ongoing compliance with the Subscription Application requirements and adherence to the Terms and Conditions of Use must be maintained. AYCA reserves the right to terminate any subscription if the Subscriber contravenes the above

This document sets out the criteria to become a Subscriber of the AYCA E-Contracts. All criteria must be fulfilled for the application to be successful. Please check the criteria outlined below to make sure you qualify before you send in your application. The E-Contracts may only be used by an approved Subscriber. A Subscriber may not share access with another party or parties. For an Applicant to be successful, he/she must sign and return an Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. If the Applicant does not fulfill all the requirements, he/she will be notified and invited to reapply when ready.

If at any time a Subscriber is in a position of dispute over a charter and it becomes reasonably likely that a situation may arise which will bring himself/herself, and by association the AYCA, into disrepute, it is requested that he/she informs the Contract Committee so the situation can be assessed and addressed as necessary.

AYCA reserves the right to refuse or rescind the application and/or use of service of the E-Contracts.

Access to the E-Contracts will not be available until all the TERMS AND CONDITIONS have been agreed and, as required, payment received.

  1. Description of Service 

The service provides access to the AYCA Charter Agreements in electronic form and license to use the E-contracts in accordance with the agreed Terms and Conditions.

  • Application Requirements for Subscription

Any Active Member of AYCA, MYBA, CYBA will automatically be approved to be a Subscriber for the AYCA E-Contracts. IYBA Active members who meet the application criteria will be approved provided that his/her primary business consists of crewed Yacht Charter Brokerage and/or crewed Yacht Charter Management.

Applicants who are not already members of these Associations, will need to provide:

a) An official document, dated within the last 6 months, demonstrating that the Brokerage which the Applicant is representing is an established yacht charter brokerage with paperwork relevant to the country of registration.

b) Recent references from established, genuine and reputable Central Agents, who are members of one of more of the four Associations named above, confirming that the principal business of the Applicant is yacht charter brokerage. Please provide full names, contacts, and email addresses of References.

c) Evidence of a dedicated client bank account in which to receive and hold client funds prior to transfer to Stakeholder.

d) A signed and dated copy of the Terms & Conditions of Use of the E-Contract service must be returned with your application file as confirmation of your intention to always abide by them. Each page must be initialled. (Click here to link to Terms and Conditions page.)

e) Applicant must read and agree to the AYCA Code of Ethics Points 1 – 12 as well as the BINDING ARBITRATION PROCEDURE Points a) through d).

In signing the Terms and Conditions and submitting your Application for Subscription to the E-Contracts you are also agreeing to abide by these Points.

All Subscribers of the AYCA E-Contracts undertake to fully understand the Clauses, Terms and Conditions of the Charter Agreements.

Refusal and Termination of Service:   Refer to Terms and Conditions