Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the use of all pages of all three of the AYCA’s E-Contracts and includes the information that accepted Subscriber’s input into any of one of the three AYCA E-Contracts provided on this E-Contract Platform Website in the allowed fields or that a Subscriber may collect in any format from any one of the AYCA E-Contracts on this E-Contract Platform Website.  This policy is not applicable to any information obtained from any AYCA charter contract completed offline, or any information that may be input into and/or obtained from any AYCA charter contract completed in any manner except on this E-Contract Platform Website.  

Collected Information on this Site.

It is understood by the Subscriber that when using AYCA’s E-Contract Platform Website, and completing fields in any of the three AYCA E-Contracts, certain personal information about yourself, your company, and your charter client, including but not limited to your name, your company name, your charter client’s name, addresses, email address, and any other information that might be provided that may be necessary or pertinent to provide for the purposes of the charter contract that cannot be anticipated at this time in this Privacy Policy may be provided to complete any AYCA E-Contract provided on this E-Contract Platform Website.

Such information is collected temporarily and will not be used in any personally identifiable way beyond creation of the AYCA E-Contract itself that is being created by Subscriber choice at the time and that the data is controlled solely by the signatories to the final contract.


The AYCA E-Contract Platform Website uses cookies to store information while any one of the three AYCA E-Contracts are being created.

Please be aware that if Cookies are disabled when using this website the AYCA E-Contract Website Platform will be disabled which depends on Cookies being enabled.

Log Files

This website has a data collection feature to log every E-Contract Subscriber visit in order to provide analytics and to comply with AYCA’s data deletion protocol outlined below. The information collected by log files include, inter alia, internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, cookies data, and other similar technologies recording date and time.

AYCA E-Contract Platform Website Data and Deletion

All data a Subscriber inputs will only be held as required for the Subscriber to input, develop and create the E-Contract from Draft Contract to Final Contract. Seven (7) days after the Final Contract is completed, or thirty (30) days from the draft creation, all associated data for the Final Contract will automatically be deleted from the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website. Beyond this timeframe no contractual data will exist in our system.

The AYCA E-Contract server does not store contract PDFs on the server. The PDF is generated in real time and the data only exists in the encrypted database until the contract expires and then that encrypted data is removed.

We will not disclose your Personal Data to any third party except in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Charter Party Participant Data

By use of this AYCA E-Contract Platform Website, a Subscriber inputting Personal Data on behalf of a third party, (as example, any signatory to an E-Contract other than the Subscriber), the Subscriber confirms that the third party has been provided, by the Subscriber, a copy of this Privacy Policy and that the third party does not object to such use of their Personal Data.

Security of a Subscriber’s Personal Password and Data

An effort has been made to protect the privacy of every Subscriber’s information when using this website by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts information input.

Every Subscriber will be provided a Personal Password to access the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website for their choice of an AYCA E-Contract Template to create a contract. Each Subscriber is responsible for protecting the privacy of their Personal Password, and to not allow unauthorized use of said Password, or to lend their Personal Password to any unauthorized User or any other Subscriber other than themselves. Every Subscriber should be sure to log off upon conclusion of each session.

Physical, electronic and procedural safeguards are maintained in connection with the collection, storage and disclosure of personally identifiable information. If there is reasonable concern about the identity of the user of any active Personal Password, the security procedures mandate that Subscribers be requested to show proof of identity before disclosure of personal information such as Personal Passwords, or before Subscriber access is allowed.

The AYCA E-Contract Platform Website complies with Privacy Laws imposed by GDPR Data Protection Rights and the California CCPA Privacy Rights.

Third Party Privacy Policies

This AYCA E-Contract Platform Website Privacy Policy applies to this AYCA E-Contract Platform Website only and does not apply to any other website nor is this website linked to any other website.  Any other website that may be found linked to this website in any manner or capacity are illegal, are created by a Bad Actor, and are not authorized or created by the AYCA. 

The AYCA specifically denies all liability for any loss or issue any Subscriber may incur if using any of the three AYCA contracts if the Subscriber has obtained and used the AYCA contract in any other way than from this AYCA E-Contract Platform website.  This includes obtaining and using any AYCA contract from any other website, by email, in hardcopy, or if obtained and used in any other unforeseeable manner not included here. 

The AYCA also denies any liability for any AYCA contract that does not bear the AYCA non-liability clause on every page of each contract, and the year 2023 as the contract revision year. All other versions of any of the three AYCA contracts that may be obtained from any other location than this website are null and void, are no longer valid contracts, and are not to be used. 

If you have additional questions or seek clarification about any aspect of this Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact the AYCA: [email protected].