Terms and Conditions

Subscriber Password Access and Use of the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website binds the Subscriber to the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Subscriber Password Access and Use of the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website serves as acceptance of and compliance with the Privacy Policy.

AYCA reserves the right to deny applicant or revoke submission at any time should the Contract Committee have, pursuant to its sole discretion, a valid reason. Length of suspension is case dependent and will be reviewed on an individual basis.

All Subscribers of the AYCA E-Contracts shall undertake to fully understand the Clauses, Terms and Conditions of the Charter Agreements.

Company and Individual Subscribers – 

Each Subscriber must meet the existing Application Requirements for Password Access to the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website. This includes all future amendments during the time period in which a Company and Individual Subscriber’s Password may remain active.

A subscriber must maintain current Indemnity/Errors and Omissions Insurance with coverage of no less than $500,000 per claim. This Insurance must either be maintained by the Individual Subscriber or the individual is covered under the Umbrella of their Company Subscriber.

Terms and Conditions – Company Subscriber

  • Responsibility to apply with all required information for each company employee for an Individual Subscriber Password
  • Responsibility to notify AYCA when an individual user under their Corporate Subscription is no longer in their employ. Subscriptions are non-transferrable. Each new individual access must be granted via application.

Terms and Conditions – Individual Subscriber

  • Subscriptions are Non-transferable. Should you change employers and are registered under their Primary Subscription – you must reapply either under a new Corporate Subscription or an Individual Subscription.
  • Subscribers are Liable for any misconduct, errors or omissions on their part.
  • Subscribers are prohibited from allowing anyone else to use their password; doing so will result in immediate suspension.
  • Subscribers who are denied access to a trade organization or their subscription service will be denied access to the platform for one year. (This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Should a Subscribing Company or Subscribing Individual be named in an AYCA Ethics Complaint, whether an AYCA Member or not, and found guilty of misuse of any one of the AYCA Contracts, the AYCA Board, within its sole discretion, will determine whether the infraction merits cancellation of the subscription of the Subscribing Company or Subscribing Individual; either temporarily or permanently.   

Copyright and Restrictions

Reproduction of the electronic AYCA Agreement(s) template to be used to create a final AYCA Agreement outside of the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website is forbidden.  Only Final AYCA Contracts, with individual unique numbers – each created on the AYCA E-Contract Platform Website – will be valid AYCA contracts. 

Payment & Fees Structure

Per agreement pricing:

USD $5.00 per Uninspected Agreement

USD $5.00 per RBA/VSA (i.e. $2.50 each)

Single User Bulk Pricing:

USD $50.00 for 10/single user purchase to be used for Uninspected and/or RBA/VSA combo (each RBA/VSA combo counts as one).

Corporate Subscription pricing:

USD $250 unlimited annual account with access for multiple users.


Subscribers agree to indemnify and hold harmless the American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA), it’s Board Members, Officers, and Individual Members from any consequences from Subscriber misuse, errors or omission, and/or use of an invalid AYCA contract that has not been created on the AYCA E-Contract Website Platform with a unique number. 

AYCA makes no claims and will not vet individual circumstances for use of the agreements found on the e-platform. AYCA is not offering legal advice herein and leaves all legal consultation to its subscribers and their respective counsel. Subscribers must use due diligence to determine appropriate use for each agreement.