• The AYCA E–Contract platform is the only place where you can create the  newest versions of AYCA Uninspected, AYCA RBA and VSA agreements.
  • The AYCA E-Contract is offered in an easy and convenient online platform and can be saved and amended during the draft and finalized periods.
  • You can quickly create and generate all three contracts at the same E-Contract platform.
  • The AYCA E-Contract will save you time since both AYCA RBA and VSA agreements are created at the same time, one on-line form to be filled out generates two separate agreements!  
  • The AYCA E-Contract platform is secure and safe to use!


Serial Number Validator
Verify the validity of an agreement


AYCA is proud to announce launching of  AYCA E-Contract platform.

Platform will go live on July 15th! Be on the lookout out for mail blast with details on how to apply for ACYA E- Contract

Posted: June 15, 2023
Our History

AYCA has made great strides since its inception in 1985 under the leadership of Missy Harvey. 

Most recent efforts entail growing it’s membership while maintaining the strong ethical and professional standards it is known for, and now ACYA is pleased to announce the development of the AYCA E-contract platform.  

This will allow brokers a safe, secure and up to date platform for drafting the AYCA Uninspected as well as the AYCA RBA & VSA Agreements.The AYCA E – Contract platform is the only place where you can create the  newest versions of AYCA Uninspected, AYCA RBA and VSA agreements. It is offered in an easy and convenient online platform and can be  saved and amended during the draft and finalized periods. The AYCA E- Contract will save you time since both AYCA RBA and VSA agreements are created at the same time, one on-line form to be filled out generates two separate agreements!  

Posted: June 15, 2023


How Secure is the AYCA e-Contract Platform?

This site is hosted on a dedicated server running on the latest OS with Litespeed Web Server and Immunify360 Web Application firewall as well as DNS from Cloudlfare to mitigate DDOS attacks.  The administrator access to the backend has been secured with the maximum length password string ensuring backend access is secure.  All software is auto patched if a known vulnerability is documented.   SSH access to the server has been disabled to all IP addresses except the administrator to prevent any attempts at uploading malicious software.  Immunify360 runs nightly as well as real time file scanning for all uploaded files and immediately quarantine any suspicious files for review.  The filesystem is segregated by user so there is no concern of another broker’s password getting compromised allowing access to your files. In other words, only the broker who generated the contract can access the PDF and contract forms for their contracts.  Broker passwords must be secure to ensure that their own contracts are secure.  If you feel your password has been compromised, use the password reset functionality immediately.  To reset the password you must have access to the email used to create the account.

How is my Confidential Data Stored?

The database server name, version or location is never disclosed.

Who can see my Client’s details?

Only the Subscriber who has created the record. Client details are stored on the secure database – accessible only by Subscriber of record.

How do I, my client or a Central Agent/Owner Authenticate my e-Contract?

On the Home page of the AYCA E-CONTRACT there is a box in right upper corner of the site which says AYCA SERIAL NUMBER VALIDATOR  where you enter serial number. On entering the Serial Number of your Contract all parties can make sure that it is a valid contract. Click on the link below to AYCA E-Contract validator : https://ayca-econtract.net/serial-number-validator/

How long do the Draft and Final Contract Remain Active on the AYCA e-Contract platform?

The AYCA E-Contract server does not store contract information once the PDF contract has been generated.  (A draft can be saved on the server by User for up to 30 days)


Please note that as long as your contract remains in draft mode the information is stored on the server- however is accessible only to the contract creator.


Unless the Save Draft button is used, the system will not save any information – Save your draft regularly as you work in case you are interrupted or a security timeout closes your session  – deleting all unsaved content.


The final version of your contract can be generated at any time during the period that the draft remains on the server.


Once you have generated your PDF contract – it will be deleted from the server in 7 days, it is important to download this to your hard drive and not rely on the server to keep.

May I use another AYCA e-Contract Subscriber’s Log in Details to create a Contract?

No, this is not permitted and doing so will result in immediate suspension from the e-contract platform. Each individual must register for an personal log in – thus protecting your security.

How Do I Draw a Charter Contract?

This AYCA E-Contract Platform Website is a tool to complete the fields on the three AYCA contracts that a qualified Charter Broker or Charter Manager might use in contracting a charter.  It is the responsibility of any Charter Broker or Charter Manager that has a Subscriber Password to already know how to complete each of the three AYCA contracts available to be completed on this AYCA E-Contract Platform Website.

When do I Use the AYCA Uninspected Passenger Vessel Contract versus the AYCA Recreational Bareboat Contract and the AYCA Vessel Services Contract

The AYCA Uninspected Passenger Vessel Contract is used to contract American laid hull yachts that are American flag with American crew, including an American Captain that is a U. S citizen with a USCG Captain’s license at the right tonnage for the recorded tonnage on the Federal Document. The Federal Document must include the endorsements of Coastwise Trade (for U.S. to U.S. ports) and (Registry for U.S. to Foreign or Foreign to Foreign ports) and Recreation (for the Owner’s use. Or the yacht could be a foreign laid hull yacht more than 3 years old with a MARAD Waiver and all else as described in that the yacht must have American crew that are American citizens and must have the right licences if required for their position, and the MARAD Waiver must give the rights to the yacht of Coastwise Trade in the area where the charter is to take place and the Federal Document must have been sent in with a request to have Coastwise Trade as allowed by the MARAD waiver for what ever the MARAD Waiver allows as printed on the Federal Document before these rights can legally be accessed as legal us of the yacht for a legal charter contract to draw an Uninspected Passenger Vessel Contract. It is always wise to ask to see the Federal document of the yacht before drawing an Uninspected Passenger Vessel  Contract to assure that the yacht is in fact an Uninspected Passenger Vessel Contract.